Negative customer experiences cost over $4.7T for businesses every year. Bad experiences can be anywhere due to longer wait times, inability to search for information or more. One way to prevent this is proactively improving customer experiences with AI self-serve options using AI customer support software for customers that can accurately solve customer queries, instantly. Does it work in reality? 

80% of customers who interact with an AI chatbot have a positive experience. AI customer service software increases CSAT scores by an average of 12%

Now we know AI customer support software has an effect on experiences and KPIs, let’s deep dive into it. Let’s see how AI customer support software can help support teams, top 10 AI customer support software, common challenges and more. 

Top AI Customer Support Software in 2024 


Best AI customer support software for enterprises with medium to high ticket volume. 

Alltius is an all-in-one AI customer service platform for enterprises looking to deflect incoming tickets with self-serve AI options for customers & reduce customer wait times with AI assistants for agents. Alltius is a platform created by decades of research at Carnegie Mellon and Wharton.  

Alltius’ AI assistants can understand customer queries, perform root-cause analysis and solve them in 10 seconds with 99% accuracy. 

Alltius’ AI assistant is trained on your company documents like FAQs, product documentation, tutorial videos, previous customer tickets, customer information and more. It has capabilities to perform multiple tasks like answering questions, debugging, drafting responses, performing actions like calculating account balance or taking action on behalf of customers, raising tickets, adding information into CRM or more. It is completely customizable as per your needs. 

Think of it as an additional support employee who can be trained to do anything you’d want.  

Self-Serve AI is customer facing AI assistant that can be deployed on a website, in the product, Slac, zendesk, or any other customer facing channel. It can understand customer intent, instantly acknowledge customer query, identify customer needs and solve customer query within seconds. This reduces customer wait times, increases ticket deflection and improves customer satisfaction. 

Support Assist AI is a support agent’s AI assistant that curates information from multiple sources so the agent spends more time in building relationships with customers. Support AI helps your customer support agent: 

  • Understand customer intent - like happy, angry, dissatisfied 
  • Solve customer query - with drafted responses 
  • Identify up selling opportunities - with tailored pitches and best products to cross sell 
  • Update customer information in CRMs - with easy integrations 

With Alltius, companies saw reduction in support costs by $50k/month, 30% ticket deflection within one month and 90% improvement in first time resolution. 

Price: Free trial available. Pricing depends as per use case and is 1/10th of other platforms. 

Learn more about Alltius: 


Help Scout

AI customer support solutions to streamline communication and enhance the support experience.

Help Scout offers AI customer support solutions to streamline communication and enhance the support experience. With its intuitive platform, Help Scout enables businesses to manage customer inquiries efficiently across multiple channels, including email, chat, and social media. 

Help Scout's AI customer support tool features include automated responses, smart routing, and knowledge base integration, allowing customer service teams to deliver prompt, personalized support. By leveraging AI algorithms, Help Scout’ AI customer support tool helps businesses optimize support workflows, improve response times, and boost customer satisfaction.

Help Scout offers AI features such as summarizing and assisting customers on Plus and Pro plans, while AI drafts require a subscription to The pricing for plans with AI features starts at $40 per user per month annually, with a free trial available for those interested in further exploring the platform's capabilities.

Pricing: Plans with AI features start at $40 per user per month annually, with a free trial available.


Best AI customer success tool for high retention and insights.

Custify provides AI customer success software to help businesses maximize lifetime value and reduce churn. With its advanced analytics and automation capabilities, Custify enables customer success teams to identify at-risk customers, prioritize engagements, and deliver targeted interventions. 

By leveraging AI algorithms, Custify helps businesses anticipate customer needs, proactively address issues, and drive engagement and retention. 

Custify's pricing is available upon request, allowing businesses to tailor their subscription based on their specific needs and requirements.


Elevate support with lightning-fast AI ticketing customer support platform.

Yuma AI Ticket Assistant is an AI customer support tool that automates ticketing and enhances customer support efficiency. By leveraging natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms, Yuma AI analyzes incoming support tickets, categorizes them, and suggests relevant responses or solutions. 

Yuma AI's intelligent ticket routing and automated workflows help customer service teams prioritize inquiries, reduce response times, and improve productivity.  Yuma AI Ticket Assistant offers a free trial option for interested users, with annual monthly plans starting at $239. 


AI support tool transform support with AI-driven personalized experiences

Freshdesk offers AI-driven customer support software that helps businesses deliver exceptional support experiences across various channels. With its AI customer support chatbots, Freshdesk enables companies to automate routine inquiries, provide instant responses, and deliver personalized assistance to customers 24/7. 

Freshdesk's AI capabilities include predictive analytics, sentiment analysis, and automated ticket triaging, allowing customer service teams to prioritize issues, identify trends, and optimize support workflows. By leveraging AI, Freshdesk helps businesses streamline their support operations, improve efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction.

The platform provides a free trial and plans starting at $15 per agent per month, with AI features available as add-ons for additional functionality.


AI customer support software to create AI chatbots

Tidio is a leading provider of AI customer support software with live chat and chatbot solutions designed to enhance customer engagement and support. With its intuitive platform, Tidio enables businesses to automate customer interactions, provide instant responses, and capture leads effectively. 

Tidio's AI chatbots leverage natural language understanding (NLU) and machine learning algorithms to engage in human-like conversations, answer queries, and assist customers in real time. 

Tidio provides a free trial and plan option for users interested in exploring its features. Paid customer service plans start at $29 per month, while the Lyro AI Agent plans to start at $39 per month, offering businesses the flexibility to choose a plan that suits their requirements.

Caffeinated CX

Caffeinated CX is an AI customer experience platform that helps businesses deliver personalized support experiences and drive customer satisfaction. With its advanced AI capabilities, Caffeinated CX enables businesses to analyze customer interactions, identify trends, and uncover insights to improve service quality. 

Caffeinated CX's AI-driven chatbots and virtual assistants instantly respond to customer inquiries, automate routine tasks, and guide users through self-service options. Caffeinated CX offers AI features that work across multiple channels and support more than three dozen languages, making it a versatile solution for businesses serving diverse customer bases. Plans start at $299 monthly, with AI features working across multiple channels and a free trial option.


HubSpot offers AI-driven customer support solutions to streamline communication, automate processes, and deliver exceptional support experiences. With its comprehensive platform, HubSpot enables businesses to manage customer inquiries, track interactions, and nurture relationships effectively. 

HubSpot's AI customer support platform features include chatbots, ticketing systems, and knowledge base integration, allowing customer service teams to provide timely and relevant assistance to customers across multiple channels. The pricing for Hubspot’s AI customer service tool is available upon request.


Balto is an AI customer service tool real-time guidance platform that helps customer service teams improve communication and performance on live calls. With its intelligent coaching capabilities, Balto analyzes customer conversations in real time, provides agents with contextual guidance and suggestions, and helps them deliver more effective responses. 

Balto's AI algorithms detect customer sentiment, identify key phrases, and offer relevant insights to agents during calls, empowering them to address customer needs and resolve issues efficiently.

Balto offers real-time transcription and note-taking features powered by artificial intelligence, enhancing agent productivity during customer interactions. Pricing for Balto's services is available upon request, ensuring businesses can choose a plan that aligns with their budget and requirements.


Kustomer is a leading AI customer service software provider that helps businesses deliver seamless support experiences across all channels. With its unified platform, Kustomer enables businesses to manage customer inquiries, track interactions, and provide personalized assistance efficiently. 

Kustomer's AI capabilities include intelligent routing, sentiment analysis, and predictive insights, allowing customer service teams to prioritize issues, identify opportunities, and optimize support workflows.

Kustomer's AI capabilities extend to its unified customer view, providing agents with contextual information to make informed decisions. Plans start at $89 per user per month, with the option to add KIQ as an additional feature.


Zendesk offers AI customer support solutions that help businesses deliver exceptional support experiences. With its comprehensive platform, Zendesk enables firms to manage tickets, track interactions, and engage with customers seamlessly across various channels.

Zendesk's AI customer support software features include chatbots, automation, and predictive analytics, allowing customer service teams to automate routine tasks, provide instant responses, and anticipate customer needs.

Zendesk offers predictive analytics and proactive customer engagement strategies powered by AI. With plans starting at $115 per agent per month and an Advanced AI add-on priced at $50 per agent per month, businesses can access AI-driven insights to enhance their customer support efforts.

Implementing an AI Customer Support Software

Implementing an AI customer service tool involves several steps to ensure successful integration and optimal performance. 

First, businesses must assess customer service needs and identify areas where AI can enhance efficiency and effectiveness. 

Once the objectives are defined, the next step is to research and select the right AI customer support platform that aligns with the organization's goals and requirements. Considering features, scalability, integration capabilities, and pricing is essential when evaluating different options.

After selecting the AI customer support software, businesses must carefully plan and prepare for implementation. This includes setting up the necessary infrastructure, configuring the software according to specific use cases, and training employees to use the new system effectively. Additionally, businesses should establish clear communication channels for feedback and support to address any issues or concerns arising during implementation.

Once the AI customer support tool is deployed, ongoing monitoring and optimization are crucial to ensure its effectiveness. Businesses should regularly evaluate performance metrics, gather user feedback, and adjust as needed to maximize the tool's impact. Continuous training and education are also essential to keep employees up-to-date with the latest features and best practices.

What is AI Customer Service?

AI customer service is using AI and machine learning to automate customer support tasks while communicating with customers in human-like conversations. AI customer service is using AI customer support tools to use AI to help customers in their tasks. 

AI customer service software enables companies to answer questions, resolve issues, and provide customized support.


Using AI customer support tools, businesses can use customer conversations to analyze trends and thus better understand their customers. This allows businesses to proactively provide customer support, thus improving customer satisfaction. And the trend has been positive. 

80%, of marketers have already integrated chatbots into their customer experience strategies. 

How to use AI customer support software for customer support?

Let’s look at ways AI customer support platforms can be used by your customer support teams. 

AI Support Chatbots

AI customer support software can be used to create customer facing self-serve AI chatbots. These AI chatbots like Alltius, can be trained on your company documents and can help customers clear their queries within seconds. These AI chatbots can be deployed on your website, application or in different messaging channels like slack, teams, etc. 

Alltius’ AI chatbot interfaces are extremely easy to use. Alltius’ AI assistants use advanced NLP and AI to understand customer query, identify root cause and use semantic search to provide relevant information to your customers in seconds.

These kinds of AI customer support assistants reduce wait times and improve customer experience. 

Automated Ticketing Systems

Just like we discussed above, AI customer support tools help customer service teams handle tickets efficiently. Customer facing AI support assistants can help customers solve simpler queries then and there itself, without requiring a human agent.

This kind of ticket deflection takes care of simpler queries and leaves customer support teams with complex queries that require more attention. 

With automated ticketing, the support process runs smoother. It also makes sure customers get answers faster. 

Customer Conversation Analytics 

Companies have an abundance of customer insights hidden in customer conversations. Conversational AI platforms like Alltius, can help customer support teams to extract insights from customer conversations on all channels like Zendesk, Slack, Messenger, Website, product or more. 

Alltius provides information like customer trends, behavior patterns, buying trends, feature asks and more. Armed with such insights: 

  • Customer support team can prepare support documentation before any issue becomes prevalent 
  • Product teams can improve products based on customer complaints or requests 
  • Sales teams can improve their customer pitches by including what customers are asking for 

And more. 

With such rich customer insights, businesses can exponentially improve their experiences without waiting for customers to ask for them. 

Sentiment Analysis

It is imperative to understand customer emotions before handling their queries. Using Al customer support software like Alltius, you can identify customer emotion, intent and needs by analyzing the conversation in real time. 

This information helps customer support teams understand customer sentiment, identify urgent issues or prioritize tickets to ensure a better customer experience. 

Cross Selling opportunities 

AI customer support software analyzes your customer conversation, profiles and more to identify upselling & cross selling opportunities. With such research, customer support agents can reach out to the customer and pitch the deal. Such types of analytics not only help reduce customer costs, but also help make your customer support a revenue generating team rather than a cost hub. 

Alltius helps customer support teams in all industries do the above tasks and more. Alltius’ AI customer support software can help customer support teams to: 

  • Understand customer sentiment with advanced NLP analytics 
  • Improve customer engagement with product with self-serve AI options 
  • Acknowledge customer query instantly with pre-drafted customer support responses 
  • Continuously update customer support section by analyzing customer queries and turning them into new FAQ sections 
  • Help resolve customer queries by providing support agents pre-drafted answers by analyzing the root cause of the issue. 
  • Increase customer satisfaction by slashing wait time to seconds instead of minutes 
  • Enhance product development by providing insights about customer behavior, feature requests and more. 

Benefits of using AI Customer Support Software 

We’e talked a lot about AI customer support tools and what they help you with. Let’s see what are the benefits of using one and the direct impact on KPIs of customer support teams. 

Reduce customer wait times 

AI customer support software can help you speed up your customer service with self-serve AI options & AI assistants for customer support agents. These AI assistants can understand customer queries, search for information, collate information and share it with your team or customers. All this happens in seconds instead of minutes. 

With Alltius, businesses have slashed their wait times from days to a few seconds. 

24/7 Availability

AI assistants created by AI customer support tools are available round the clock and in multiple languages to help your customers. This means your customers can always get the support they need without any interruptions.


AI customer support software enables businesses to scale customer support without proportional increase in costs. AI customer support assistants can handle multiple customer queries at the same time, solve queries within seconds and thus, reduce the load on customer support teams. 


Al Customer support software has an initial investment but with it, businesses can automate customer support tasks, improve customer agent productivity and handle a significant portion of customer interactions, allowing businesses to allocate resources more effectively and optimize operational expenses.

Personalized Interactions

AI algorithms analyze vast customer data to deliver personalized interactions and recommendations. By understanding customer preferences, purchase history, and behavior patterns, AI customer support tools can tailor responses and suggestions to individual needs, enhancing customer experience and fostering loyalty.

Common Challenges with AI Customer Service Software 

While AI has tremendous potential for improving customer service, it also presents some common challenges businesses must overcome. 

One challenge is ensuring the accuracy and reliability of AI assistants, which may require extensive training and fine-tuning to achieve optimal performance. Alltius has native technology which provides almost 0 hallucinations

Additionally, businesses must address data privacy and security concerns when implementing AI customer support software solutions, ensuring customer data is protected and compliant with regulations.

Another challenge is managing customer expectations and ensuring a seamless transition from traditional to AI customer support channels. Businesses need to educate customers about the benefits and capabilities of AI while also providing alternative channels for those who prefer human interaction. 

Finally, integrating AI into existing workflows and processes can be complex and time-consuming, requiring careful planning and coordination across departments. Despite these challenges, businesses that successfully navigate the implementation of AI in customer service stand to gain significant advantages in efficiency, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.


AI customer support software can offer businesses a way to scale customer support while managing costs and increasing customer expectations. If used properly, these software can be a competitive advantage.

In case you’re interested in implementing AI in customer support, feel free to book a call or try a free trial of Alltius today. Alltius is a platform created as a result of decades of research at Carnegie Mellon and Wharton. Alltius is a gen AI assistant platform that can 3X sales and slash support costs by 50% within weeks of implementation. 

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