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about us

We are building powerful assistants for businesses.

The true potential of any assistive technology lies in the number of questions it can answer or the tasks it can perform for its users - satisfactorily, quickly and distraction free. In a world where everyone is talking about replacing humans with AI, we are contrarians who believe in human ingenuity and want to prop it with the superpower of Generative AI.

Alltius AI agent platform.

Our mission is to empower every working human with a super smart assistant.

path ahead

Riding the second AI revolution

KNO predates the LLM blitzkrieg that took place in late 2022. We truly believe that this is a beginning and generative AI can complement productivity tools especially in digitally native settings. Language models must be seen augmentative to humans.

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Generative AI: A Second Renaissance?

What can Generative AI do? How can we leverage it and push the limits?

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making a dent : OUR CORE PHILOSOPHY

Giving help users deserve.
In seconds, not in hours.

About 70-80% SaaS users prefer self help over assisted help. Despite the trend, less than half digitally native companies using self help tools report any savings. Why? Because self help is not delivered right with traditional tools.

Try KNO to know the difference.

Walking this path as we speak

10B answers
Queries responded to satisfactorily by KNO across products
100M users
People whose queries have been resolved via KNO
Building our own language model for constructions

And we are not stopping there

Extending the goodness of KNO to multiple other productivity and enablement use cases with a $90B addressable market.
No-code instant help

Empower SaaS companies to deploy and manage help widgets which can answer in seconds and deflect 2X agent queries.

In-product actions

A concierge which does tasks based on plain English instructions. Create callbacks, meetings, reports, emails and more.

Agent companion

The smartest friend for your sales and support agents to find and deliver answers to your customers.

Learning and tutoring

Augment e-learning experience with an 'ask-anything' assistant and save precious teaching hours.

Backed by the finest institutions
and angels in the community

We've been fortunate to have been trusted by some of the marquee names in the VC and Angel circuits. We'll do whatever it takes to justify their faith in us.

Join the mighty crew

We are a lean team spread across three continents.
Always open for a chat.
Vibs Abhishek
Founder, CEO
Deepak Sethi
Head of Engineering
Siddhant Mishra
Co-founder, Product
Anita Tailor
Bhavesh Tolia
Shankar Reddy
Suyash Deshpande
Utkarsh Sinha
Gourav Katha
Data Science
Shruthi K
Ankit Verma
Ashish Singh
Aadhar Kansal
Udit Pal

Exceptional team. Technical prowess.
From the best institutions.

Our diverse and rich backgrounds ground us to our mission.
To help our customers and their customers get answers.

Let's build together.

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