KNOwing is very powerful

The true potential of any technology product lies in the number of questions the product answers for its users - satisfactorily, quickly and distraction free. At Alltius, we are building a platform to disrupt how users exchange questions and answers with the products they use and how they learn ‘on the product’

making a dent

Ask anything.
KNO has an answer.

It answers intelligently any question, be it about using a product or a theme around it. Users can ask questions in the flow of work, say over Slack or a web widget.

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"Can't image the world before KNO."
"So much better than Google."

Leveraging Open AI and Dialogflow

If you are interesting in learning about the foundations of KNO and how it was conceived and coded, we have a story for you.

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Building blocks of the Alltius platform

Read about how we laid the tech foundations for KNO and the Alltius platform.

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And we are not stopping there

We are extending the goodness of KNO multiple to other product enablement use cases with a $90B addressable market.
No-code help and authoring

Empower SaaS companies to deploy and manage help widgets and author product help centre articles. Learn more

In-app companion

Imagine a concierge which helps you decide on products to buy, when you are shopping online. Learn more

Enterprise search

Look for anything on any document inside your organisation, breaking all silos and information arbitrage. Learn more

Learning and tutoring

Augment e-learning experience with an 'ask-anything' assistant and save precious teaching hours. Learn more

A worthy mission.
We are aiming high.

1B answers
Queries responded to satisfactorily by KNO across products
10M users
People whose queries have been answered via KNO
1M hours
Learning hours impacted as a result of such queries

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We are a lean team spread across three continents.
Please get in touch with any of us if you please.
Vibs Abhishek
Founder, CEO
Priya Vadasseri
Business Operations
Siddhant Mishra
Co-founder, Product
Prabhu GV
Suyash Deshpande
Bhavesh Tolia
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Exceptional team. Technical prowess.
From the best institutions.

Our diverse and rich backgrounds ground us to our mission.
To help our customers and their customers get answers.

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