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Introducing KNO PLUS

Build your own assistant, on
your data, in secs.

Create as many generative AI based assistants, coach them on sources of your choice, deploy them on channels you prefer, get insights on what people are asking and what your sources can answer.

Quick coaching.
Quicker answers.
Control with YOU.

300x faster
Finding answers is lightning fast vs traditional bots and help search. You don't wade through information. Answers come to you
1 sec coaching
Training your assistants is literally as simple as quick as toggling a button. Test it right away in the playground. No more complex rule engines.
100% up to date
Set your own refresh cadence for each source - let KNO do the job of the keeping things up to date.
Want to discover how much you can save? Calculate RoI
Multiple ASsistants

Clone KNO.
Create purpose driven assistants.

Personalise your assistants and see them answer from different sets of knowledge pools. Make one for each team or topic.
Create AI chatbots for all your teams and employees.
Multiple source types

Every source counts.
Add knowledge to KNO.

KNO and its various avatars can learn from a range of source types - publicly available to hidden knowledge troves in your organization.

  • 200 pager PDFs your team could not read
  • Your support tickets for the past two years
  • Product wikis you have carefully curated
  • You work in progress spec documents
  • Library of your well crafted help videos
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Coach AI chatbots using mutiple data sources
Multiple channels

Train once.
Deploy across channels of choice.

Companions for your agents or widgets for your end users. Train your assistants once and use them across channels.

Coaching is simple.
Just switch buttons on.

Coach your assistants on a source by simply switching the toggles on. The assistant can answer now based on the new knowledge.

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Coach your AI assistants on a source by simply switching the toggles on.

No stale knowledge.
Refresh sources at will.

You assistants refresh your sources as per your command at a frequency of your choice. So that no answer is stale.

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Refresh your sources as per your command at a frequency of your choice.
reinforcement learning

Becomes better with every feedback

Your votes on KNO's ability to answer make it fine tune its underlying models on the go.

  • Conversational playground to pressure test
  • Fine tuning support for each org
  • 99.9%+  on accuracy, recall and kosher
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Reinforcement learning for Alltius' AI assistants.
workspaces for all

Work as team.
Org level workspaces.

Dedicated branded workspaces. Invite colleagues, assign roles to test and fine tune assistants. Transparent metering. Manage channels centrally.

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Dedicated branded workspaces on Alltius for your teams
Powerful dashboard

Insights on tap.
Thematic summary of queries asked.

Dedicated dashboard for channel wise quality, conversation volume, thematic insights and engagement.

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Alltius provides a dashboard with analytics on all customer conversations.

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