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Superpowers for SaaS

Introducing the first ever conversational AI for product enablement. Use it as you like. As an ask-anything assistant, as a no-code help widget or as a concierge in your app.

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Extend the goodness of KNO with our product suite.

We are taking the powerful query assistant and applying it to SaaS help, in-app companion guides and enterprise search.

A super simple but powerful query assistant

Ask any question and get surprisingly quick, concise and accurate answers on Slack. Built on GPT3 protocol.

Pilot phase

KNO Help
Ready to use help widget for SaaS

Low code help menu with the inbuilt goodness of KNO, additional tabs and integrations to get your product started.

  • Safe search
  • Brand styling
  • Preferred domains
  • Insights
Pilot phase

KNO Concierge
In app guide to answer your customers queries

Embed this super intelligent companion guide on to your existing product. Keep them on your app screens and enhance your product experience.

Coming soon

KNO Insider
Link all your docs, find any info

Onboarding new employees on key info, finding right points of contact and keeping a single source of truth is a lot easier

Works across industries

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Award winning HR-Tech leader with 1M+ clientele

Applicant discovery using KNO for a leading HR Tech player

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$500M+ ARR analytics automation leader

Exploring KNO as the in-product data science tutor

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Series B funded online learning platform

Embedding KNO in their learning platform to augment their teachers

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Early love for KNO

"I could see KNO being powerful as we drive more Q&A from Slack."
Large Ed-Tech Company
“KNO is beyond comparison.”
Large HR-Tech Company
“Can't imagine the world before KNO."
Multinational Infrastructure Conglomerate

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You can try it on Slack by simply adding KNO from the apps section and by starting a conversation with it.