Our values

We are too early in the game.
Nevertheless, we work with a few values.

Keep it simple and nimble

We keep our products and strategies simple and clean. If they aren't - they are probably wrong. We shamelessly reuse prior art and pivot if needed.


Centre the customer

If we are doing something that isn't providing value to our customers, then we are doing it wrong. Listen to the customer - actively and passively.


Own and commit

Each of us owns a part of the company. We take a problem statement, triage it, work it and see it past the finish line. And then, move on.


Focus on outcomes

We will relentlessly pursue customer and employee NPS. All our other company objectives subordinate to these two outcomes.


Data trumps intuition

Even good intuition needs to be backed with anecdotal data. So keep reading data signals and back your decisions with evidence.

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