Smart contract dev tool provider Hiro, coaches, tests and deploys AI bot for developer assistance in under 1 hour

Smart contract dev tool provider Hiro, coaches, tests and deploys AI bot for developer assistance in under 1 hour

Hiro System helps thousands of crypto users by helping them locate precise help and code snippets in seconds from an abundant overwhelming pool of information and resources.


New York, NY


Dev Tools



CX End User Assist
CX Agent Assist

Tested response accuracy
Tested recall (queries answered)
1 hour
Time to test and go live
  • 1 day
    Time to go live
  • 15 min
    Time to set up
  • Knowledge

    Website pages, product documentation and YouTube channel

  • Skills

    QnA, interpret code

  • Channels

    Web widget


Hiro is a bootstrapped developer tooling company that focuses on Stacks, a blockchain merging Web3 with Bitcoin. Their tools, like Clarinet for smart contract development and the Hiro Wallet for a Bitcoin-centric experience, cater to developers. Hiro supports over 350 million API requests monthly and serves thousands of users in the crypto space with their smart contract development products.


Due to the complex nature of Web3 development, the abundance of information and resources available to Hiro’s patrons may feel overwhelming. Building a functioning Web3 app involves numerous moving parts, making it challenging to locate specific code snippets or related documentation when needed. 

While Hiro Systems has diligently maintained comprehensive and up-to-date documentation through videos and help docs on their website, they are continuously seeking ways to enhance the overall user experience. This effort is driven by feedback from numerous patrons who desire an even simpler way to access pertinent information and documentation for their specific development needs.

As their leadership would put it : “How can we put the information you are looking for, right at your fingertips?”


Hiro and Alltius collaborated to create an AI-powered chatbot called 'Hiro Help' that continuously scans and indexes the Hiro documentation to ensure up-to-date information. The setup and coaching process was efficient, allowing the product team to quickly train assistants using Hiro’s website, YouTube channel and platform documentation. They were able to test, customize, and launch the assistant within a day of initial contact. 

The assistant is currently active on the documentation portal, providing precise answers to developer-related queries by referencing specific sections of the documentation. It utilizes a QnA skill to retrieve relevant knowledge segments based on user inquiries and generates code-friendly responses in seconds.


By slashing this information discovery time to seconds from tens of minutes, in the own words of Sabby Anandan, Director of Product at Hiro, these steps were towards their goal to unblock [their patrons’] development and let them focus on the code. Furthermore, the responses are more comprehensive than manual searches, leading to more accurate codes and troubleshooting.

The assistant is powering hundreds of conversations each day, furthering their mission of taking developer outreach within the Stacks community to the next level.

Way forward

Byeond the web widget on their open source widget, the Hiro team is now looking at ways to power conversations with instant help on their Slack community and other associated projects.

“We want to thank the Alltius team for their collaboration and for helping roll this out to the Hiro and Stack community. You do all work hard and we wouldn’t have it any other way than to reciprocate [your support].”
Sabby Anandan, Director of Product, Hiro

Happy customers. Quickest time to value.

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