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It is only when people ask questions, do they know, learn and ask more. The same applies to SaaS products. The true potential of any such product lies in how easily and quickly users can get their work done. However, all of us are plagued by the steep learning curve. At Alltius, we are revolutionising how users can quickly learn about products and the functionalities by asking questions and learning in the flow of work. We are already making a dent with our flagship offering - KNO - an extremely simple to use, AI powered assistant. Think J.A.R.V.I.S. for work tools that can be used by anyone and not just Tony Stark. We are extending its goodness to no code help, in-app companion and enterprise search use cases.

Work on a forward looking tech stack

Amidst the fleeting AI-ML promise overload around us, the KNO stack is a simple yet powerful real world NLP based solution.
Conversational AI
Wu Dao 2.0

Our north star?

1B answers
Queries responded to satisfactorily by KNO across products
10M users
People whose queries have been answered via KNO
1M hours
Learning hours impacted as a result of such queries

Get rewarded for taking a chance

We are very early in our journey backed by key names in the investing world. Come shape our future.

  • A very large ESOP pool
  • Remote by default
  • Offices in 3 continents
  • Of course, competitive salary

You'll be in good company

As an early employee, you'll be partaking in a large ESOP pool, while contributing to the already diverse backgrounds of your teammates.

See yourself here? Come join us.

We are only getting started and would love for you to join us and co-build the Alltius platform.
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