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Resolve 80% user queries before they become tickets

Humane, self-learning, scalable, affordable and secure AI assistants that blend flexibility of generative AI with determinism of old school workflows and that ar easy to build and maintain.

Move metrics by week 1,
realise RoI by week 10

ticket deflection

As many users who use the assistant, do not end up raising tickets

contact ratio

Reduced workloads for your contact centre and as much productivity lift

5 sec
P75 support wait time

Most users now wait only for few seconds vs 4 hours to get a resolution

"We've witnessed a 15-20% reduction in ticket volumes within three months of going live. Almost 65% of users satisfactorily resolve their issues within seconds.

And we are not stopping here."
Vinayak A,
Product Manager
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Launch in minutes, zero overheads, powerful insights

1. Coach

Drop or connect your org wide knowledge into an assistant and set priority and refresh frequency

2. Add skills

Simply choose from our catalogue or build custom agents that blend genAI and old school workflows

3. Launch

Pick a channel, map the assistant and go live, recoach instantly from the console

4. Get insights

Get ready to use insights from user utterances and response, label conversations to your liking

humane - learning

Improves with every interaction and feedback

Our retrieval systems dynamically adjust which knowledge segments to pull and how how to rank them based on popularity and acceptance of responses by end users.

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humane - Empathy

Completes queries based on popular themes

Real world and testing setups are different, and that's why our assistants offer smart completion tips to those in a hurry

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humane - integrity

Honest when needed, segues into your workflow

Our assistants do not mislead your users and guide them to appropriate workflows when assistants do not know an answer

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introducing Canvas

Flexibility of generative AI,
with dependability of workflows

Build customised workflows and route users based on their intents

Offer truly 24x7 support
and breeze through volume surges

Cover 95% of issues round the clock via generative answers and pre determined workflows, even during surges in inbound volume
Odd Hour
Offer instant answers and resolution in non office hours
Unexpected Surges
Insulates team during glitch events which cause spikes in inbound tickets
Deflect simpler but uncanned queries during day offs

Works in your flow of work

Our continuously evolving array of integrations decouple you from being married to a stack
Knowledge integrations
Choice of channel
Choice of LLMs
Choice of private cloud
Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure

Scale at will

We help you build and deploy bespoke assistants with custom knowledge ingestion and skillset in your work tools.

sessions per month
users per week
peak load per minute

The only AI platform that jointly optimises accuracy, latency and affordability

We pass on the benefits from goodness of our novel data representation and retrieval engine, which blends vector, graph and keyword search methods

  • 5 sec answers
  • 99% accuracy
  • 95% recall
  • 10x more affordable
  • 100% secure
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