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Revolutionising adult learning with KNO platform

Utkarsh Sinha

We are stoked to be in the top 16 global finalists for DARPA's recent competition on AI technology to power adult learning in the spaces of national security and defence technology.

What is DARPA AI tools for adult learning competition?

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is a research and development agency of the United States Department of Defense. DARPA is responsible for developing new technologies for the military, and it has a long history of innovation.

For those who are unaware, the agency evangelises studies and learning for state of the art defence technology. A quick scan would reveal the nature these advanced programs. For example,

  • Lifelong Learning Machines (L2M) : For path breaking developments in AI architectures and ML techniques (link)
  • Targeted Neuroplasticity Training (TNT) : For 'improved and accelerated training of military members in multifaceted and complex tasks (link)
  • Quiet Undersea Propulsion (PUMP) : Fundamental technology for naval propulsion with no moving parts using Principles of Undersea Magnetohydrodynamic Pumps (PUMP) (link)

In 2022, DARPA announced a new competition to develop AI tools for adult learning. The competition is open to teams of technologists, researchers, students, and teachers who can propose innovative AI solutions that enhance adult education for the complex topics necessary for the future national security workforce.

Why is it such a prestigious competition?
  • DARPA is a highly respected research and development agency. DARPA is responsible for developing new technologies for the military, and it has a long history of innovation. DARPA is known for its willingness to take risks and its commitment to excellence.
  • The competition is open to teams from all over the world. This means that the best and brightest minds in AI are competing for the prize. This also means that the competition is truly global, and that the winning team will have a global impact.
  • The competition is focused on developing AI tools that can improve adult education. This is a critical issue facing our society. Adult education is essential for lifelong learning and for economic growth. DARPA is committed to developing AI tools that can help adults to learn and to develop new skills.
  • The competition offers significant financial rewards. Winning teams will share a $750,000 prize. This money can be used to develop and deploy the AI tool. The money can also be used to support further research and development.
KNO is probably the best fit solution for adult learning, here is why

The platform has several features that separate it from the rest, making it well poised to fit the bill

1. Personalise what you want to learn

KNO lets users add resources of their choice unlike LLM based interfaces which are trained once every few years. By allowing learners to choose the content most appropriate for them, KNO carves out custom learning speeds for each adult.

Let's say a marine wants to learn about Quiet Undersea Propulsion. He or she has to simple upload relevant links from the web or documents which possibly contain material.

2. Learn 100X faster, let answers come to you

The entire process is materially faster and more intuitive than alternative methods. A simple search engine query plus answer fetch will take at least about 10 mins. With KNO the upload to training to answer fetching is in the order of seconds. Moreover, with conventional methods, users typically navigate to the answers. The burden of synthesis is on them. We flip this around with KNO.

3. Inherently simple, conversational and no-code

The platform is designed for consumer grade simplicity and natural language is at the heart of the whole product. Answers come to users through the most intuitive method out there - conversational. And of course, being no-code, any learner can get started in minutes

4. Accurate answers

Based on our users' feedback, we work continuously to improve our LLM models, ingestion pipeline and prompts. We work with some of the largest enterprises with a high quality bar and stringent release thresholds of above 95% for both precision and accuracy. ∫

5. Secure workspaces, always ON

Our infrastructure meets the highest standards of data security and we are on our way to be certified for ISO and SOC2 frameworks. The platform is scalable and can handle large concurrency of users. This means that surges in user volumes during peak learning hours will not impact either speed or quality of answers. We have outlined earlier how with work with large organisations on quality and trust.

The team at Alltius is now a formidable force with over 15 members now. We are a crew of experienced technologists, engineers, designers, researchers and consultants. We come with diverse experience in education, generative and predictive AI and building products that balance enterprise grade feature set with consumer grade simplicity.

Our mission is to empower every working human with a super smart assistant.

If you have an educational use case for adult or children learning, please write to us at If you share our mission and wish to work with us, reach us at

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