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To those rooting for us, thank you!

Vibs Abhishek

We are on a mission to bring the power of Language Model (LLM) technology to enterprises, with a strong focus on accuracy, security, and data protection in customer-facing use cases. Our cutting-edge GenAI Assistant is designed to transform the way enterprises interact with their customers, providing a wide array of skills that can be trained on various data sources to perform specific tasks in just minutes, without any technical expertise required.

The year couldn’t have started on a better note. We closed our pre-seed funding in the first week of Jan 2023 from an exceptional group of investors. This round was led by 100x Entrepreneur, Stellaris Venture Partners, and Blume Ventures, and saw participation from Z5 Capital, Gemba Capital, Veda VC , peercheque, Eximius Ventures, TiE SoCal, Wharton Alumni Angels, Bharat Founders Fund. Adding fuel to the fire are a remarkable group of angel investors, including Ashish Gupta, Amit Gupta, Apurva Dalal, Anand Maitri, Amol Agarwala, Ashish Sharma, Apurv Gupta, Binny Bansal, Deepak Garg, Dilipkumar Khandelwal, Gaurav Kumar, Gazal S. Kalra, Kartik Hosanagar, Michael E. Wolf, Pankaj Gupta, Rahul Gupta, Harsh Shah, Serguei Netessine and Shashank Sinha. Their support is a testament to the immense potential and value we bring to the AI industry.

We sincerely thank our incredible team, investors, advisors, and supporters for joining us on this groundbreaking journey. Thanks for placing your trust in us when things were quiet in the GenAI town. When there was only KNO and no ChatGPT. You've backed us when the funding climate has not been too favorable! With this funding, we will further enhance our proprietary technology, expand the capabilities of the GenAI Assistant, and reinforce our commitment to data protection and privacy. We are excited to accelerate our journey in transforming customer interactions, automating support, personalizing recommendations, analyzing data, and optimizing business processes for enterprises across various sectors.

Now, we are back to building for our customers.

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