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Co-opting with Enterprises : Need of the hour

Siddhant Mishra

Over 80% of businesses and users prefer self service over assisted guidance. But less than half of these businesses report any RoI after installing traditional tools (pre Dec 2022). Gen-AI has the potential to change that. However, it is not a silver bullet and has a few thousand miles to cover.

At Alltius, we are jointly working with our enterprise customers to run this distance. And how are we doing that?

Carefully endorsing their use cases

  1. Making their end-users successful : On self-serve channels or as co-pilots for agents for exponentially fast resolutions at 2x productivity.
  2. Product co-pilots : As a content-on-tap plugin on some of their content rich products for higher engagement.
  3. Giving employees their time back : Getting answers in seconds, a potentially 100x improvement.

Navigate with them on existential decisions about adoption

  • Trust and infosec : give them control on which part of conversations go ‘out’
  • Accuracy and empathy : tune models to each entity's context, understand more fringe intents with time, plug in relevant hand-offs
  • Fit or replace : how to transition into a new stack or fit in to their existing stack, how not to disturb the apple cart.

Demonstrate time to value (1 hr) with a practical feature set for teams

  • Multiple workspaces for the same organisation
  • Appropriate roles and delegations
  • Audit trails and metrics

Of course, all of this sits on top of a powerful platform where you can coach your own personal assistants on sources of choice, test how they work, embed traditional actions and deploy on a convenient channel, maybe a widget or via APIs.

The key is to partner with your customers in what they need. Otherwise, in the current climate, one runs the risk of building (or missing) a whole lot of features that may not clear the barriers for adoption by large enterprises.

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