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Alltius and its genesis

Vibs Abhishek
Foreword : Knowledge is power

As a doctorate scholar from a leading business school, the phrase has been my driving theme. I have had the privilege of witnessing this first-hand - a front row reel of how knowledge has been transformative for the lives of thousands of students I had the honour of educating for over a decade. However, a lingering question always persisted, “What’s next for them?”. I looked for answers during and beyond my award-winning stints as a professor at institutions such as Wharton School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University and University of California.

Emerging answers

In a world that is changing exponentially, we constantly need to learn about new tools and tricks of the trade. An average white-collar worker uses anywhere between 50-150 software applications, but how they learn about them is woefully inadequate. Our intuition was confirmed after talking to over 3,000 workers, we realised that there was a big opportunity to transform how people learn to use everyday products at work.  

Hence, Alltius was born.

Alltius is a versatile learning platform that is powering the future of work and lending a helping hand to potentially billions of people worldwide to get their work done more efficiently. Our conversational AI assistant KNO helps people learn about SaaS products by taking the simplest approach to learning - by asking questions.    

In a world where everyone is talking about replacing humans with AI, we are contrarians that believe in human ingenuity and want to prop it with the superpower of Generative AI. We strongly believe in a world where AI complements humans and allows everyone to shine by levelling the playing field that has been forever biased due to selective access to knowledge.

Onwards at Alltius

We are a seasoned and curious team of dreamers, engineers, and designers, with impactful tenures at institutions such as Google, Meta and BCG, who refuse to accept the status quo and are creating a better world every day. ALL of US at Alltius are driven by the relentless mission to make the workplace more equitable and allow everyone irrespective of race, gender, or circumstances to overcome knowledge gaps to do their best work. Afraid or shy to ask a question in a room full of people? Ask KNO! Stuck while using Tableau? Ask KNO!

We are changing the world one question at a time. So what do you want to KNO today?

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