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“My go to place for getting quick answers to technical questions.”

Series B funded online learning platform

Embedding KNO in their learning platform to augment their teachers

About the company

The organisation is a leading online tech learning platform with mentor-driven programs for contemporary topics such as software engineering, data science, cybersecurity and UI/UX design. It has an excellent enrolment, completion and outplacement records.

We are collaboratively discussing ways in which KNO can augment their current mentor-led platform, especially to answer questions from learners.

Ways KNO can help

KNO is a conversational AI assistant that can be plugged into Slack, or function as a standalone web widget. It answers questions asked by learners, presents relevant content to them (e.g. video, podcasts, articles), and can interact with them through quizzes etc. in addition to the conversation.

Unlike other chatbots, KNO is able to converse almost as a real person would. It comes pre-trained with a wide range of knowledge as shown below, but it can be fine-tuned on specific topics if the right content is made available. Given a body of knowledge, KNO automatically generates an answer.

Unlike any chatbot, KNO is able to converse almost as a real person would

When KNO is not able to answer a question to its satisfaction, it can direct them to human experts, mentors or communities, and the answers then become a part of the platform's knowledge base for the future algorithm training.

We think that this platform can add substantial value to ed-tech companies by integrating into products' Slack channels, as well as by becoming the interface between the learners and teachers on the platform, helping free up the teaching bandwidth.

What we are doing next

The teams from both sides are currently evaluating the tech stack of KNO and accommodating the integration into their product roadmaps.

“We could see KNO being powerful as we drive more Q&A into Slack.”

There is interest in operating KNO as a standalone web widget in addition to Slack as a backup form factor.

KNO works with software of every kind

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