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One of the largest insurance marketplaces in the US

KNO as a live companion for sales agents for advising customers

About the client

One of the largest insurance marketplaces in the United States. It helps people find and choose insurance plans of different types with personalised recommendations and guidance.


Our client, receives over six-figure daily lead volume during insurance season and has over 6,000 agents who inform and recommend people the best plan for their requirements.

When agents are having a conversation with potential customers, they refer to an in-house plan recommendation tool, live while on a call. This is not the most optimal way for many reasons. The agents also need to know and convey why a particular plan is the best given the circumstances of the potential customer.

Ongoing solution

For the same, the sales desk leaders and product teams are using the KNO platform to build a recommendation and synthesis engine for their agents. They can now ingest, in minutes, thousands of plan related documents, mostly in the form of PDF files, each containing hundreds of pages of plan clauses, exceptions and comparisons. They are able to instantly generate answers to questions their leads would generally ask their agents.

The client and Alltius teams are jointly working to improve accuracy, interpret more complex comparison questions and synthesise information from multiple documents in one response.

After reaching the target production ready quality bar, the team will release the agent co-pilot first to all of their 6,000+ agents and then eventually to their end-users for answering questions directly on their website.

Features in use

  • Sources : Large sized, large volume PDF documents
  • Queries : Mix of simple and advanced second order plan comparisons
  • Channels : KNO Playground (now), KNO Widget (later)

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