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“It has the potential to be the next Gong.”

$500M+ ARR analytics automation leader

Exploring KNO as the in-product data science tutor

About the company

Our client is a famous advanced analytics and no-code automation company. They are software is traditionally used on-premise and count some of the worlds biggest automotive, consumer goods and consulting firms in their clientele.

They are now moving towards mid-market enterprises with a cloud and web browser based model. Naturally, given the complexity of the topics our client deals with (analytics, automations, advanced regression and neural network models to name a few) and the need to increase product adoption and engagement among its customers, it needs a more intuitive 'help' process for its users to learn on the go.

Ways KNO can help

Alltius will be integrating the power of KNO with the deep resource documentation created by our client. It includes but is not limited to

  1. Vast pool of how-to documentation and in product tool-tip guides already create
  2. Rich video library
  3. Thoroughly engaging academy created to 'teach' users the software
  4. A vibrant community of software loyalists which discusses tips and tricks on a web forum.

KNO has the power to train itself not-only on the publicly available web resources but also specific documentation it is pointed to. It can also reduce the weightage imparted to certain non-desirable sources such as our client's competition's documentation, non-legit web forums and unverified practitioner blogs.

KNO will be integrated post training onto the 'help drop-down' in their current product.

What we are doing next

We are running pilots to test training of KNO on the extensive document set - starting with thousands of web articles and PDF documentation already sent out to the on-premise customers. The idea is to go-live in the help widget when the client rolls out the web version of the product early next year.

KNO works with software of every kind

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