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"The results from the initial POC have been very encouraging."

A listed financial services and stock broking company

KNO as a support agent and end user companion for ticket deflections
About the company

Our client is a publicly listed financial services and stock broking company. It has over 10 million registered users and allows trading in multiple global markets in equities, mutual funds, futures and options.


Being one of the largest stock trading and investment platforms in the market, it receives over a six-figure inbound ticket volume each month. Bulk of these questions are about product features and trading terminology. A large proportion of queries from customers are about recent transactions on the platform. e.g. reasons for order rejection, explanation of charges and reconciliation of margin money.

Given the volume and the nature of the questions, both scaling their hundreds of contact centre agents and using traditional bots were ruled out.

Ongoing solution

Our clients' product teams are running a pilot program with KNO Plus to assess the quality of answers and the amount of ticket deflection that is possible with the platform.

They can now coach their own assistant with over thousands of web pages from their product knowledge centre, blogs and learning portal in a few hours and could immediately begin testing. In a few days dozens of members were able to test answers to over 1000 questions simulating real scenarios and get good quality answers.

Once the stringent success criteria are met, the teams will try out the assistants in end-user widgets with appropriate segueways into their ticketing system. This will be followed by more pilots connecting more real time sources such as live stock prices and end-user transactions. KNO will be answering questions related to their order history loaded through API calls instead of static uploaded sources.

Features in use
  • Sources : Knowledge centre, blog, learning material, user dashboard APIs
  • Queries : Product features, terminology, transaction explanations
  • Channels : KNO Playground (now), KNO Widget (later)

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