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Introducing KNO Help,
no-code help widget for SaaS

Keep your users undistracted, let them ask any query on KNO.
Train models on datasets you prefer (and those you don't).
Higher renewals, wallet share

More truly enabled users means higher endorsement of your product during renewal and upselling discussions

Reduce CX support costs

Every question answered by KNO reduces a ticket for your agents. Use it to analyse which topics are not covered in help docs.

Lower dev time to market

It takes at least 60 days to build and install a help widget on a SaaS product. KNO Help saves you precious developer days.

A widget for your users,
a console for your admin

Manage your widget as per your preferences
*illustrative only
Easy to use code snippets

Use simple code extracts to install the widget and integrate with your SSO.

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Get insights on KNO activity

Learn what your users are searching about, include them in your product docs

*illustrative only
Set preferences to certain domains

KNO will search for answers after factoring these custom weightages

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Add menu items

Include links to support, sales, feature request and more

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Modify as per your brand guidelines

Change colors, logos, watermarks, backgrounds

We are integrating with
your existing workflows

We are piloting with a bunch tools to integrate. Let us know if you'd like to add others to the list.
Google Drive
Didn't see your required API? Get in touch

Set your own preferences for KNO

KNO, by default, is trained on OpenAI's GPT3model but you can fine tune it based on your choices

  • Prioritise your official docs
  • Avoid certain sources e.g. your competition
  • Reinforce positive lists e.g. legit sources
  • Introduce 'safe search'
“We are piloting with KNO Help from Alltius. It has the potential to be the next GONG!"
$500M Analytics Automation Platform

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