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Staff Engineer (SDE 3+)

Remote / Bangalore, India

About us

It is only when people ask questions, do they know, learn and ask more. The same applies to SaaS products. The true potential of any technology product lies in how easily and quickly users can get their work done. However, all of us are plagued by the steep learning curve. At Alltius, we are revolutionising how users can quickly learn about products and their functionalities by asking questions and learning in the flow of work. We are already making a dent with our flagship offering - KNO - an extremely simple to use, AI powered assistant. Think J.A.R.V.I.S. for work tools that can be used by anyone and not just Ironman!. We are extending its goodness to no code help, enterprise search and purchase guide use cases. 

We are a team of dreamers, educators, technologists, and designers. We are obsessed about transforming software product enablement, thereby helping companies realise the true potential of their products.

At Alltius, you will co-build real-world solutions using machine learning and language processing based SaaS systems. Moreover, you will get an opportunity to learn from colleagues who have made a mark at Google, Meta, Amazon, Adobe, Apple, Twitter, BCG, McKinsey, Carnegie Mellon University, Wharton, IITs and IIMs. 

We are well funded with investments from renowned VCs and angels, and are thriving in a hyper growth phase to build our product extensions which have significant customer interest from marquee tech firms. 


We are building an AI powered SaaS platform which includes our core NLP search and content retrieval engine, user facing conversational experience and low code widget management console. 

We are looking for passionate and hard working software engineers who love solving hard problems in the ML and NLP space. If you are a code artist, you could be our next staff engineer (SDE III). 

What you’ll do

  • You will be responsible for understanding the product roadmap, resolving initial ambiguity for the tech team and defining overall tech architecture.  
  • You will be critically reviewing code and design of developers and ensuring high standards. 
  • Your own code will set an example for junior SDEs to inspire. 
  • You will drive test driven development and ensure architecture enables team’s agility.
  • You will work customer backwards and partner with product managers on solutioning. You will simplify the solution to be lean. 
  • You would be working closely with our lead software engineer (formerly from Meta) and our co-founder data scientist (formerly a professor at UC Irvine & CMU).
  • You will deliver great software on time meeting our customer needs. 

What you’ll need

  1. 7+ years of experience working building on and maintaining a web based SaaS product.
  2. Strong expertise in architecting scalable systems with engineering and operational excellence. 
  3. You are frugal and focussed on software optimization to reduce infra cost.
  4. You’re highly self-driven and willing to learn on the job, while getting stuff done. 
  5. You enjoy mentoring and developing team members and insist on higher engineering standards.
  6. MS/BS in computer science or a highly quantitative field is highly desired. 
  7. Experience with AWS, MongoDB, and Kubernetes, familiarity with cloud software architecture (e.g. GCP, Azure, or AWS) is a big plus.  
  8. Ability to work in an agile environment with a focus on continuous integration. 

What you’ll get

  • Resources to own and be able to shape your own 0-1, 1-10, 10-100 journey.
  • Work closely with the founders and the leadership team.
  • Quick feedback. Rapidly measure and learn the impact of your work.
  • Build for marquee customers. 
  • Flexibility - everyone has their own highly productive times - you have found your sweet spot? Perfect, we look at the output and not at what time it was produced.
  • Remote.  Our team works across three continents. We want to work on a hybrid model in the future but are perfectly okay with remote working.
  • Competitive scale - up package.
  • Rewards for growth - we’re growing fast, and you’re the expert. Reap rewards from a large ESOP pool.

So what’s next

If this sounds exciting, reach out to with your resume, your LinkedIn profile, and a short paragraph about why we should hire you for this position. We typically reply no later than 48 hours. We will have 2-4 rounds of interviews followed by a fit assessment. 

We strongly encourage candidates to download KNO and test the app since your feedback on KNO will be an important part of the interview process.

Let’s make something awesome!

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